SUI Blockchain: How to send transaction with SUI in Rust #1

Jan Rock
6 min readMar 24, 2024

After searching how to build a local deployment of SUI which went quite smoothly and in a few minutes I had my deployment I tried the most basic app to programmatically send SUI from one wallet to another. SUI documentation is quite good and even the examples cover interesting use cases mostly focusing on their main features. However, nothing related to what I have expected around a simple way to make transactions with SUI. I hope that this article from the series about Rust/SUI will help similar inpatient developers on their journey to get experience with this very promising chain.

(disclaimer: I’m not an experienced Rust developer and any suggestions to improve the code are welcomed, just raise pull-request)

Full source code for this article: janrockdev/sui-sandbox: Rust example for SUI — what you can find in their documentation! (

First, we have to import SUI/Mystenlabs dependencies to our Cargo.toml

sui-sdk = { git = "", package = "sui-sdk"}
sui-keys = { git = "", package = "sui-keys"}
shared-crypto = { git = "", package = "shared-crypto"}
sui-types = { git = "", package = "sui-types"}